Can I Sand and Coat Engineered Wood Flooring?

Engineered hardwood floors is composed of layers of plywood, over which a finishing layer of solid hardwood is put on. The great thing about engineered wood flooring is that it is a completely natural product and appears just like the actual thing, but is more able to withstand moisture and atmospheric fluctuations compared to solid wood.

Whether it will be possible to sand and coat engineered wood flooring is a questions which is frequently asked by people in the method of determining which type of wood floors will suit them best. Quite simply, the answer actually is dependent on the thickness of the highest layer (or”wear” coating as it’s known in the trade) which is applied to the engineered wooden planks.

Solid wood flooring, as the name implies, is created from one bit of your chosen timber. The sanding and coating of solid hardwood floors is usually not an issue as it generally has a quarter of an inch (or just over 0.6cm) of wood above the tongue and groove. Good quality engineered flooring has anything involving 1/8 and 3/16 of an inch (just over 0.3cm and just under 0.5cm) over the tongue and groove. It’s the depth of this layer which decides if and how frequently an engineered floor can be sanded and coated.

Generally , it’s sensible to anticipate, with normal wear and tear, to want to sand and coat a hardwood flooring as often as every 5 years (if you’re seeking to maintain a flawless finish), and every 10 years or so for those who don’t mind a bit of visible ageing. A fantastic quality engineered wood flooring, with a thick top (or use ) layer might be able to be sanded and sanded 2 or three occasions (maximum) in its own lifespan. This is something that has to be taken into consideration if you’re buying hardwood flooring for the long term. Bearing in mind that some solid wood floors could last a life with the ideal care and attention, the limited number of times you are sand and coating an engineered wood floor will no doubt impact on your decision-making process.

Thus, although engineered hardwood floors is a very secure and appealing wood flooring alternative, if you’re somebody who enjoys their floor to maintain pristine condition in any way times and you expect heavy traffic, then there’s possibly a debate for plumping for solid timber rather than engineered hardwood floors.


Hardwood floors is regarded as the most popular kind of flooring which homeowners choose. There are many important advantages and features of authentic wood flooring: it is timeless, comfy, warm and appealing.

Since hardwood floors is a notable feature of your home, we have recorded a few tendencies that we are seeing in 2020 which possess durability:

Real hardwood floors makes a home a house. Homeowners select hardwood flooring because of their durability, character and the greater value it brings to their own residence as flooring offer a stunning backdrop for the area. If your house is on the current market, the gorgeous, stand out hardwood flooring have a means of impressing potential buyers.

  • Cooler, Darker Colors: There is a definite move away from hot tones (reds, yellow and red/brown undertones). Grey is the new, versatile”it” color and it shows no signs of slowing down. It’s neutral tones opens up the many possibilities of working palettes around it and pairing its own wood colour along with different elements of the space can definitely bring the whole look of your space together. The brand new”Greige” (grey+beige) color is in demand and produces a minimalist feel with the warmth of beige.
  • Elongated Tiles, Wider Planks: Planks Which are 6-8″ wide and 24′-48″ long.
    This dimension lends to a comfy, casual aesthetic. The broader boards also make older houses appear more rustic and contribute into the farmhouse allure. In modern houses, the broad planks provide it an increased, contemporary feel.
  • White Oak — Oak accounts for roughly 80 percent of hardwood floors in the United States. White Oak is the ideal alternative for anyone wanting a glossy, modern appearance but still keeping character and attractiveness. Another advantage is that White Oak isn’t difficult to keep and more water resistant than its counterpart, red pine.
  • Hardwood Cuts — an increasing number of customers are seeing the significance of rifted or quarter-sawn timber. Its linear layout instantly draws you in and rifted hardwood expands contracts and more less, which makes it a fantastic selection for all those highly traffic areas like the kitchen and living area.

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Snow White Wood Flooring Brightens Up Any Interior

shutterstock_1228678123If you’re fed up of using a gloomy inside, then we’ve got a fantastic alternative. While light and blinds or drapes can help considerably increase the quantity of lighting you’ve got in your area, there is no getting away from the fact that a mild flooring and light walls are going to have critical influence on the brightness of your entire interior. Dark chambers have a propensity to make us feel somewhat gloomy, and together with all the days getting longer and the weather becoming milder, most of us would like to feel great about ourselves. A fantastic means to do so is to put about handling a space that is currently dull and dark.

The wonderful thing about white hardwood floors is the fact that it does brighten up any interior. And what is more, if you select engineered snow white floors, it is possible to install it in almost any room in the house. Due to the manner engineered flooring has been assembled , it is going to resist the wear and tear of family life, can withstand the humidity and temperature changes you obtain in kitchens and bathrooms and may even be set up over under floor heating if you opt for the ideal item. All this implies that snow white hardwood floors may be used to liven up your inside in a whole slew of ways. In this guide, we wish to showcase our Best 10 snow white hardwood flooring alternatives you could select for your Growing up job. Here they are:

Natural Engineered Oak Brushed UV White Oiled 14/3mm by 195mm by 1190mm. This snow white oak flooring was white and brushed oiled. Because of this, it sports a exceptionally natural end and a lovely light colouration. Consequently, if you want to introduce light into pretty much any room in the house, this choice would suit. Suitable for setup over under floor heatingsystem, not only can this solution brighten up your interior, it might prove warm under foot too!

Natural Engineered Oak Brushed White Oiled 15/4mm by 180mm by 1800mm.
Like the previous option, this prime engineered walnut solution is highly desired and truly is high in the range. What is more, currently available with 56% off the previous price, so we rather suspect it’ll fly off the shelves.

Natural Engineered Oak Brushed White Oiled 20/6mm by 180mm by 180mm. This thick, thick snow white wood flooring is the best solution for anyone who is seeking a thicker board than standard. You will find any number of explanations for why a thicker board might be of interest for you, but if you’d like a solution which may brighten up your interior at the exact same time, then you’ve found ithere and you’ll be able to order it at this time.

Natural Engineered Oak London White UV oiled 14/3mm by 190mm by 400-1500mm.
Once more suited to setup over under floor heating, this London white floor is available at 56% the previous cost (at the time of writing) and will add brightness and the notion of volume to even the smallest, darkest of rooms. With an almost chalky appearance for this, it is going to look stunning in any area of the house and won’t date, no matter how long you plan on keeping it.

Natural Engineered Oak Brushed White UV Oiled 14/3mm by 190mm by 400-1500mm. Slightly darker than a number of the additional snow white alternatives, this floor has a real sun-kissed effect. With a mix of natural and whitewashed tones, this flooring will enhance any interior at precisely the same time as creating darker spaces seem milder. Moreover, using its UV filter, so you can make sure if your room does get cleaned with sunshine at any point, your flooring won’t endure.

Natural Engineered Oak White Sand 100 Percent UV Oiled 16/4mm by 220mm by 1500-2400mm.

This desert island timber flooring alternative truly is a treasure. Having a warm, sandy white color, it will clean your room with light in exactly the exact same time as giving you the notion that you’re walking onto a sun-kissed shore. Sunny whitened by title and sunny white by nature, this pure walnut floor would make a stunning addition to any area. Washing your area with light and giving it a true impression of quantity, this sunny white flooring will really brighten up even the dullest of days.

Natural Engineered Oak Snow White Hardwax Oiled 16/4mm by 220mm by 1800-2400mm. Reminiscent of snow and also of easily iced cakes, this snow white flooring solution was hardwax oiled to provide it a tough, yet natural look. The perfect selection for any space in the home, with this white solution you certainly won’t be disappointed, nor will it break the bank at less than half price.

If you’d like advice and advice on choosing the right snow white hardwood flooring for your project, why don’t you get in touch? At Hardwood Floor Repairs We have decades of wood flooring experience that we can share with you to be sure you make the very best choices for your interior and your budget.

Keeping Your Hardwood Safe When You Have Pets

7809_205384576252490_1274553941_nYour pets are part of your family. Just as you like to see them run around on your flooring , you may wince when they are done. That is because you’ve discovered the unsightly scratches, dings, and dents they left . Here are some simple tips for maintaining your hardwood floors safe once you have pets.

Pick a Different Stain

The very first thing you may wish to consider doing is choosing another stain for your hardwood flooring . Lighter stains are especially good for this function. That’s because they do a much better job of concealing any possible scratches which are on the floor. The lighter stain is also more capable of concealing the dust and other debris that’s on the floor. It also depends on the colour of your furry friend — depending on what color your furry friend is, you can select that stain!

Don’t Go Glossy

A glistening finish looks great. It seems so good it may help boost the value of your home. yellow-dog-pet-labrador-5549But all the same, when you have pets, then you shouldn’t choose glossy hardwood flooring. Satin and sheen perform much better jobs hiding dents along with other indications of damage. Plus, you may be leaving damage on your own hardwood that you’re blaming in your pets — do not do that! High heels, stones in shoes, and moving furniture around can cause greater problems than you might think.

Trim Toenails

One last bit of advice is to trim the toenails on your furry friend. This sounds silly, but it functions. Dogs must have their nails trimmed every two weeks or so. Regrettably, trimming the claws onto your own cat is a terrible idea, so it isn’t much you can do in that respect. If you hear clicking if your puppy walks on your hardwood floor, then it is time for a cut.

Hardwood Flooring Renovation and Maintenance from Hardwood Floor Repair

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shutterstock_263440184Selecting hardwood floors for your home is among the greatest decisions you’ll ever make. It not only looks attractive, but it can also improve the appearance of your entire home. Apart from this obvious advantage, there Are Many other benefits That You May not be aware of, for example:

The stylish look of hardwood flooring:

• Wood floors can be found in a wide selection of colors and styles, so there is likely to be one to suit any room. As a result of this fantastic versatility, they can be the perfect background to your current house décor.

• Wood floors is a fantastic option for both modern design options and traditional colonial styles.

• Based on which wood you select, hardwood flooring could create a warm, comfy and even a rustic look for your home.

Simple to install, easy to look after

Wood floors are a breeze to install, and if you maintain them properly; they could endure for a very long time, even whilst also adding value to your property. Natural wood floors are simple to clean – sweeping and occasional vacuuming is all that is necessary to rid of your wood floor of the dirt and dust which can become trapped in carpeting fibers.

These wood flooring are durable, and retain their elegance and beauty for a lengthy time period, so look after them and they will continue to benefit you and your family for many years to come.


kahrs-oak-stoneIf you have been looking at hardwood floors in a bid to find flooring which will beautify the appearance of your house no end, there’s a fantastic chance that you’ve encounter Kahrs flooring whilst you have been conducting your study.

Kahrs flooring is an extremely popular choice with all the modern homeowner, and just by taking a brief look at the fashions which are available, you will instantly realise why it’s the flooring of choice for so many.

The look of hardwood flooring is normally the first thing that homeowners take into account, which is an area where Kahrs flooring does not disappoint. Kahrs flooring is presently offered in a wide spectrum of different shades and layouts, and there is something to suit the look of every type of decor- whether it’s very classic or ultra modern.

No homeowner wishes to spend hours of their time looking after and keeping their floors and this is just another contributor to the popularity of Kahrs floors, since it’s easy to keep it clean and keep it looking amazing.

The above, combined with the fact that Kahrs flooring is very reasonably priced make it a very favorite choice for anyone in various types of properties.


shutterstock_20994973021st-century houses have a tendency to be sealed as closely as submarines, and although that is excellent news for the heating bill, it might also pose some significant health dangers. Along with trapping heating, air-tight homes may also trap pollutants and poisonous contaminants such as formaldehyde that may compromise indoor air quality, leading to allergies, fatigue and respiratory problems such as asthma.

Though proper ventilation plays an Essential role in ensuring sufficient air market, there is a fresh air purifying tool in the marketplace I’ve never heard of earlier now:

Air-purifying hardwood flooring.

A hardwood flooring thatreally* breaks down airborne toxins to increase air quality in the house.

Pure Genius Hardwood flooring by Canadian producer Lauzon employs a patented titanium oxide technologies that decomposes germs, viruses and molds, also reduces possible carcinogens by continuously transforming toxic airborne particles to harmless water and carbon dioxide molecules.

What is that for hardworking wood?

What is a lacquered finish?

What is a lacquered finish?

A lacquer is usually a polyurethane coating applied to a wooden flooring. It covers the pores of the wood floor and forms a hard, robust coating which effect like a protective shield for the wood from dirt and moisture. The difference between it and oil is that it sits on the top of the wood, it doesn’t sink in like oil. Lacquers should provide several years of protection for your floor, depending on the foot traffic.
Lacquered floors are really easy to care. You can keep them clean with just a broom, vacuum cleaner or micro-fibre mop and wipe the dust away. As with oil, lacquer also comes with a selection of finishes, such as gloss, matt, silk matt and extra matt. A lacquer finish is great for rooms where you anticipate a high foot traffic and you want a glossy finish. It’s important to remember that it’s water resistant,not a fully waterproof! Nowadays lacquer is available in every sheen level, similarly to oil, making it hard to tell the difference between the two finishes.
Lacquer from other side have the trend to show scratches easier than an oiled surface, and this is making it less ideal for pets, but this is easily fixed with a simple sanding and refinishing. Lacquer is the toughest of the finishes available, used commonly in dance studios, gyms and village halls. It can take a lot more punishment than oil, but due to sitting on the surface rather than seeping in, the floor underneath can become vulnerable to damage again once this has worn away.One of the top benefits about lacquer finished wood flooring is spills, if they’re cleared up reasonably quickly they won’t cause damage to your floor by seeping in!
Lacquer floor is an investment that will bring a new life of your home or office! Contact us 24/7!


Here are most popular TOP 3 wooden floors for bedroom

1.Cork Flooring- Cork have an excellent thermal and acoustical qualities! It is beautiful, slight, warm to the touch, hypoallergenic, fire and insect-resistant, stable and also exchangeable in every 8-10 years.

2.Vinyl Flooring- Vinyl flooring is affordable and easy for cleaning. The vinyl or lino flooring is family and pet friendly. you can choose from a variety of realistic finishes like wood, tile, stone or mosaic to achieve a irreproachable look for any room.

3.Laminate Flooring- Laminate flooring is quite flexible and durable. Small scratches can be repaired, but new flooring needs to be installed for major repairs, since laminate is made of composite wood, it cannot be refinished.